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Why are my digital downloads blurry or low resolution?Updated 3 days ago

Digital downloads are all low-resolution (1240x827), and are best used to share via social media and/or saved to phones. 

We only offer high-res images for print purchases through our site, for the artists and teams that elect to offer printed goods (framed prints, loose prints, posters, etc.)

This is standard practice across the industry to ensure digital downloads are not being purchased and re-printed for resale or distribution without the owner of the image's consent. 

If you're having issues with blurry photos on your phones, we recommend downloading them on a computer and then sending them to your phone as that may help with quality.

Some additional steps to assist with digital download quality on phones:

  1. Open your order confirmation email and then scroll to the bottom and click the "view" button in the box that says you have “x” digital downloads available. 
  2. After you click "view", you'll be directed to a new page that has a download button for your photo(s). Click the download button instead of tapping and holding the photo to save. 
  3. Select "save to photos" and your photos will be ready for you!

Digital download sales are final.

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